• Cleanroom Cleaning

    We have devised special service modules for the professional cleaning of dust-free cleanrooms within production and research areas.

    FIRST Cleaning:
    • complete basic cleaning of newly built cleanroom facilities and installations, including cleaning following maintenance work and product line changes
    • professional cleanroom cleaning for all cleanroom categories according to ISO 14644
    • an important prerequisite for the subsequent certification of the cleanroom
    • foundation of the profi-con Service System
    COMBI Cleaning:
    • a repeat of the basic cleanin
    • an extension of the FIRST Cleaning module
    • designed to be repeated at regular intervals
    CONTI Cleaning:
    • a regular cleaning routine
    • ensures pristine conditions of the working environment are consistently maintained and thus of an optimal product quality
    • implemented according to a fixed rotation
    SPECIAL Cleaning:
    • professional cleaning of facilities with special requirements or contamination
    • requires specialised equipment and cleaning methods
  • Cleanroom Training

    Having had many years of experience of working with cleanrooms, profi-con runs, in partnership with the CleanroomAcademy, training courses, seminars and workshops covering all aspects of cleanroom technology.

    In-House Training:

    In co-operation with our cleanroom experts, who are all experienced practitioners within the industry, we are able to design training courses that are specifically tailored to your company’s needs. Your staff are trained on-site at your organisation.


    Our coaching sessions serve as targeted and practical support in the training of your employees. If you give us your company’s objective for why you want to run the training, we can put together a customised coaching package to suit your requirements.

    "Cleanroom Conduct" – One-Day Training Courses:

    At various centres in Leipzig and Aschaffenburg, as well as in Austria and Switzerland, we run one-day training courses several times a year on correct cleanroom conduct. The course covers such topics as the basic principles of cleanroom technology, factors affecting cleanliness, conduct and awareness training as well as the clothing procedure for cleanrooms. If you choose the additional module of "One-Day Training PLUS", you will also receive practice-led training in our training centre.

    Technical Seminars:

    Throughout the year we offer a large number of seminars on various topics related to cleanroom technology. These include such topics as "Professional Cleaning For Cleanrooms", "Cleanroom Clothing", "GMP-Compliant Line Operation" or "Purification Of Cytostatic Areas".

  • Cleaning Of Clothing

    Our company is specialized in services which meet the highest requirements in hygiene and dust-free preparation of cleanroom garments. Our certified cleanroom operations allow professional decontamination for garments of all cleanroom classes, especially for pharma classes A - D and ISO-classes.

    With our partner having over 25 years of experience in laundry services for cleanroom garments and professional decontamination of apparels, we offer full-service leasing concepts - including stockkeeping of garments, barcode tracking system and support in quality management.

    We ensure that you are provided with decontaminated or sterilized cleanroom garments of highest-quality on time. Product handling is tailored to your specific requirements. Our professional pick-up and delivery service is performed direct and individual. The contaminated garment will be picked-up weekly or bi-weekly on the agreed day. The handling and delivery generally takes one week.  All cleanroom garments are transported in special boxes, which are cleaned after each use. With our tracking system, we ensure that both the defined cycles are maintained as well as that the whereabouts of the cleanroom garments are known at all times.

  • Measuring And Certification

    In addition to the cleanroom certification and re-certification measurements for clean rooms according to VDI 2083 and ISO 14644 we also provide measurements of suitability for clean rooms.

    According to the standard, these certification measurements include the following:
    • visual inspection
    • differential pressure measurement between neighbouring areas
    • measurement of how dense the filter is mounted
    • filter integrity test / leak test
    • speed of the air streaming away at the filter for suspended matters /
      measuring of volume flow
    • measuring of temperature
    • measuring of humidity
    • determination of the degree of purity of the air
    • measuring of particles on surfaces (qualitatively)
    • measuring of recovery time / recovery test
    • visualization of streaming

    After completion you will receive an extensive report including graphical representation of the results.

  • Consultancy

    More and more organizations are challenged to invest into cleanroom technology, since the necessity increases to produce under a controlled environment. This requires to solve a variety of different tasks and the questions are diverse.

    Processing complex new projects around cleanrooms requires time and expert knowledge. The variety of different products and contact persons makes the solutions finding complex. Understanding your production process helps us, to work out and quote customer specific, economic and efficient solutions.

    Together with our partners we can suggest complete solutions and give advise during your tasks.

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