• Mops

    We offer a wide range of specialized mops for the use in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Our high-tech microfiber technologies enable outstanding cleaning efficiency while guaranteeing constantly high cleanroom suitability.

    Our cleanroom mops are tested by independent test-institutes. Thus we ensure absolute safety and conformity regarding cleanroom compatibility.

    Requirements towards cleanroom mops are not only very high, but also diverse. Tasks range from the disinfection of sterile GMP-areas to the removal of contamination in technical cleanrooms.

    We offer a variety of mops and mop-materials which are designed and tested for the use in different cleanroom areas.

  • Cleaning Equipment

    High quality accessories are an important part of every cleanroom cleaning procedure. The goal is to combine cleanroom compatibility with highest ergonomics. The fact that the user is in focus with our developments, can be seen with every product.

    The wide range of available equipment can be adapted to every cleaning task in the cleanroom. Well thought out accessories make the handling easier and provide best ergonomics.

    Our accessory range comprises of mop handles, holders and special cleaning systems, in a choice of stainless steel or plastic.
    • Telescopic or rigid handles (stainless steel / plastic / aluminium)
    • Mop holders (stainless steel / plastic)
    • Special cleaning systems for small areas (stainless steel / plastic)

    An innovative clip-system enables the quick and easy change of handle and holder. This simplifies not only the handling, but also the cleaning and sterilisation of the accessories. All stainless steel accessories are designed for repeated autoclaving and are extremely robust.

  • Pre-Saturation Systems

    The pre-saturation of cleanroom mops is the most advanced method of liquid dosage. Mops do not need to be wrung out in a flat-press, as they are saturated at the beginning of the cleaning procedure. The workflow enables the reliable, quick and easy impregnation of all needed mops.

    • SPACE:> up to 75%
    • TIME: > up to 25%
    • DESINFECTANT: > up to 50%

    Our system enables the strict separation of new and used mops. The construction of the system effectively avoids cross-contamination.

    All our materials comply with the regulations of EG GMP and DIN EN ISO. The unit is fully autoclavable and is especially suitable for GMP-cleanrooms and sterile working conditions.

  • Cleaning Trolleys

    Our cleaning trolleys are made to fulfill highest cleanroom demands. They assure efficient and ergonomically optimal cleaning procedures in controlled environments.

    Thanks to the modular system, our cleaning trolleys can quickly and easily be adapted to every cleanroom cleaning task. They enable a large variery of configurations.

    Robust stainless steel frames and buckets. Trolleys fully comply with the standards of EG GMP and DIN EN ISO 14644. These trolleys facilitate excellent cleanability, can be fully autoclaved and are electro-polished.

    • Suitable for use in all cleanroom areas
    • Specially suitable for sterile areas (i.e. pharmaceutical)
    • Available in different sizes and configurations
    • Applicable to various cleaning procedures
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