• Cleanroom Cabins

    In microtechnology components and structures become smaller and more sensitive. Particles have as such played a minor roll in the past. Since meanwhile the size of a dust particle surpasses the size of component structures by far, processes under a controlled environment become more and more necessary.

    The microtechnology applications are manifold. To be able to work out your best possible solution, it is necessary to internalize and understand your application in detail. This we can assure through our positioning on microtechnology and our experience in this field. Therefore we are able to adapt and work out the cleanroom to your needs and realize a customized, economical and efficient solution.

    Factors like temperature and relative humidity are playing an important roll for these solutions. Through our partners we can give answers which are sustainably ensuring the quality of your products.

  • Cleanroom tents

    Product life cycles and time to market are getting shorter and shorter. This requires in many cases a flexible production planning. The construction of a complete cleanroom could possibly take too much time and be too expensive. Cleanroom tents offer a good and cost effective solution to meet the increasing need for cleanliness.

    A frame can be adjusted to the spatial conditions of your room in all dimensions. Cleanroom curtains which are mounted at the sides of the frame are limiting the clean area. Fan filter units can be mounted on the top or on the side to generate horizontal or vertical air flow. Such a cleanroom tent can even be mounted on casters to offer even more mobility.

  • Laminar flox boxes

    Laminar flox boxes are made to create local areas with a high air cleanliness level. This solution is often chosen for assembly or handling processes as well as for storage of components. Laminar flow boxes are mainly used in clean areas but are also frequently used in cleanrooms.

    The boxes consist of a housing and a fan filter unit, which supply the working space with clean air. The dimensions can be adjusted to match the respective process. Integration into a production line is easy and flawless.

    The base configuration can be set onto any table but options include a base frame with casters or a base frame with drawers.

  • Fan filter units

    Fan filter units are used for the generation of clean air. Air is taken in from the top through a fan and pressed through the filter. The circulating air is continuously filtered and provides clean air for the cleanroom. FFU’s are available in standard sizes but can be customized. Pre-filters clean the air before it reaches the main filter and therefore maximize the life time of the more complex main filter.

    Different filter types are available. The H14 filter (which is mainly used) features a retention rate of 99.995%. This means that at a particle size of 0.12µm (MPPS=most penetrating particle size), the filter removes at least 99.995% of all particles. At a particle size of 0.3µm, the retention rate is approx. 99.9995%.

    Flow rates can easily be adjusted by the use of a potentiometer. Optionally the use of an automatic control system is possible which provides an 8 step control. The control system has different modes like „night reduction“ as well as „MAX“. Through the use of energy efficient EC fans, the power draw is minimized. The noise generation in the workspace is approx. 40 to 52dB (depending on the size), and the models are correspondingly quieter at lower flow velocities.

  • Cleanroom curtains

    Cleanroom curtains are a cost-effective alternative to static walls or partitions. The perfect quality of our cleanroom curtains meets the high requirements for equipment in cleanroom technology.

    Cleanroom curtains are available as strip curtains or as continuous curtains made from one piece only. There are different possibilities of attaching the curtain to walls or ceilings, depending on your individual requirements. The curtains are made of extremely durable, heavy-duty PVC and can be mounted stationary or movably. The bottom edge of the cleanroom curtain may be fitted with an integrated lead cord or a metal border. This way, the curtain stays in an optimal position.

    Product Features:
    • wall or ceiling mounting
    • fixed or movable design
    • available as strip curtain or continuous curtain
    • transparent, extremely durable material (PVC) in different thicknesses
    • width and height of the curtain or the strips made to measure
    • anti-static or antibacterial (if required)
    • flame resistant according to DIN 4102
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