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productronica 2021 in Munich, the cleanroom agency mycleanroom presents again the event stage cleanroom

Many have long waited for a presence event in microtechnology and with the productronica 2021 in Munich this is now realized.The cleanroom agency mycleanroom will once again host the "Event Stage Cleanroom". Together with many interesting partners we will try to present all topics around a controlled environment up to a cleanroom and demonstrate it practically to the visitors.

Air purifier - what is behind it and what can I expect

Air purifiers from our partner pa products offer increased safety in closed rooms. Viruses are filtered out of the room air via several filter stages.

New partnership for HPL furniture

The cleanroom agency mycleanroom started cooperating with the well-known cleanroom furniture manufacturer Kupan in Holland since 1 July 2020.

VR Training with MopUse the training program of the future

Through development of the VR tool with MopUse specifically for the cleaning industry, we are offering a solution to provide employees in the future with a uniform, controllable training level.

Contamination Controll Zones

Floating floors are high performance, antimicrobial loose-laid mats offering many of the same benefits as CleanZone without the need for permanent installation.

Is your cleanroom "Future-Proof"?

Many cleanrooms are getting slightly outdated and are presenting an increasing risk, although they are currently functioning well.

productronica 2019 - Accelerating Innovation

Haben Sie Ihren Reinraum schon einmal virtuell gereinigt? Oder sich virtuell eingeschleust?

Automatisierung im Reinraum